‘I wanted to thank you very much for your presentation to the social work students on Friday. You raised so many potentially contentious issues in an open, energetic and generous way – something many of the students have commented on. Your subtle questioning of the definitions and the politics of recovery will hopefully lead them to critically evaluate what they read, hear etc. in relation to recovery.’
– Social Work lecturer, La Trobe University, 2014.

‘Flick is an ace facilitator – thank you so much for your wisdom, energy and heart-felt contribution.’
– Intentional Peer Support training participant, 2016

‘Working with Flick has been inspirational, challenging and a great learning experience. Thanks you for your patience and perseverance. I am amazed by your courage and expertise!’
– Carer leader, after working together on a working group.

‘Congratulations on a great publication. It is a pleasure to read something that reads so well. You have managed to find a voice that is accessible, sustains itself on the side of the consumer without being in any way shrill or provoking, and at the same time is very informative. I enjoyed reading it, which is a most unusual thing. Why can’t all publications in the field of mental health be written in this sort of style?’
– CEO of a community-managed mental health service, writing about a booklet co-authored with Merinda Epstein in 2010.